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There are three categories of Questions :

1. Starred Questions

2. Unstarred Questions

3. Short Notice Questions


It is essential to give questions in the prescribed form with 14 clear days notice for starred and unstarred questions and shorter than 10 clear days notice for Short Notice Questions.


Unstarred questions are also admitted in inter-session period. A member may give notice of not more than one unstarred question a week during an inter-sessional period. Reply to such a question is invariably sent by the Government direct to the member within a period of 15 days with a copy of the reply to the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly Secretariat.


The decision regarding the admissibility of questions is the sole prerogative of the Speaker.


Save in so far as is otherwise provided in the Constitution or in these rules, no discussion on a matter of general public interest shall take place except on a motion made with the consent of the Speaker.


The Speaker shall decide whether a motion or a part thereof is or is not admissible under these rules and may disallow any motion or a part thereof when in his opinion it is an abuse of the right of moving a motion or is calculated to obstruct or prejudicially affect the procedure of the House or is in contravention of these rules.

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